Selexen — antioxidant containing organic selenium

Selexen is a compound of selenium and xanthene  a natural antioxidant, a part of vitamin E and bioflavonoids. Compared to non-organic selenium compounds, Selexen doesn’t cause any side effects and is very low-toxic.

Consequences of selenium deficiency in the body:

Consequences of selenium surplus in the body:

Selexen is notable for expressed antioxygenic properties, stability and low ratio needed to be added to products

  1. It dissolves in any fat and spirit, limit of solubility 5g/100 ml
  2. Resistant to long-term storage, thermal processing (up to 150 °), freezing.
  3. Stable content of selenium during the entire shelf-life of enriched product.
  4. Increases the shelf-life of fat-containing products
  5. Helps to preserve E vitamin in products.
  6. Doesnt change organoleptic properties of enriched product.

Biological properties of Selexen.

Selexen increases the intensity of antioxidant and antiradical protection and immune system of the body. Safety and effectiveness of Selexen has been proved by various pre-clinical and clinical tests.

  1. Safe. Is not toxic even in concentrations 1,000 fold exceeding recommended volumes. (Toxic effect of Selexen is hundreds-fold lower than other selenium compounds, for example sodium selenite).
  2. Fills up insufficiency of selenium in the body required for normal functioning of endocrine system  thyroid, adrenal glands, and prostate.
  3. Anti-radiation and anticarcinogenic effect:
    • reduces damaging influence of ionizing radiation and toxic substances.
    • decreases risk of cancer disease development.
    • protects stem cells during cytostatic, chemistry and radio therapy, increases medical treatment effectiveness.
  4. Increases immune protection (improves activity of ferments responsible for protective mechanisms of the body).
  5. Slowing down ageing processes, increases length and quality of life:
    • improves functional condition of cardiovascular system
    • improves sexual and reproductive functions
    • enforces adaptation and stress-resistance of the body
  6. Reduces risks for development of airway diseases, effective for allergic diseases of respiratory tract and reoccurring tracheal bronchitis.
  7. Contributes towards preservation of youth and beauty:
    • improves hair and nail condition
    • reduces risk for obesity development