About Company

NPK Medbiopharm is a research and production company, a developer and manufacturer of original active compounds for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry. The company is a part of the Active Molecules’ Park Competence Alliance — a partnership created in order to assist scientists-innovators to pass through all stages required to turn an innovative idea into a commercial product.

Our mission:

“Health care” Our developments contribute towards maintenance of peoples full health and working abilities. We care about health by turning unique ideas into innovative products and solutions.

Scope of business activities:

Own production site:

Research and Production Company Medbiopharm enjoys developed infrastructure and own production site fitted with the modern technological and analytical equipment. The company holds a license for production of pharmaceutical substances. The equipment of the Regional Engineering Center of Obninsk Science and Technology Park as well as the Common Use Center AIRKO (Agency for Innovation Development of Kaluga region) is presently located at the company site. The production sites are located within the areas of around 1,500 sq. m The company has got its own warehousing premises which provide for procurement and storage of main types of raw products for uninterrupted operation in the course of the year, as well as storage of large quantity of ready products. We thoroughly monitor the entire production cycle  from raw product delivery and its inspection for compliance with the regulatory documentation to release of ready products. Quality Management System of the company is certified in accordance with GOST ISO 9001:2011.