Flavotsen — a source of bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids — biologically active natural substances with expresses antioxidant properties. Taxifolin is a bioflavonoid notable for its high P-vitamin activity (capillary strengthening), at the same time resistant to high temperatures and doesn’t decompose when stored for a long period.

Consequences of flavonoid deficiency in the body:

Flavotsen is notable for good antioxygenic properties, stable flavonoid content and small ratio to be added into products

  1. It dissolves in hot water (over 85°С) and water-spirit solutions. Flavotsen solution may have a yellowish colour (depending on solution concentration) Limit of solubility 2g/100 ml
  2. It can be added by the method of stage-by-stage mixing with any dry (dense) product component.
  3. Stable in the wide temperatures range.
  4. Stable content of taxifolin during the entire shelf-life of enriched product.
  5. Has antioxygenic properties, suppresses oxidation of lipids in food products.
  6. Has the following bacteriological properties: suppresses growth of Bacillus cereus and golden staphylococci, mildly suppresses growth of coliform bacterium.

Biological properties of Flavotsen.

Flavotsen (taxifolin) has antioxidant, capillary-protective and anti-allergic properties. Safety and effectiveness of Flavotsen has been proved by various pre-clinical and clinical tests.

  1. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease development:
    • strengthens capillaries and vessels,
    • improves blood rheological properties, prevents clotting
    • improves micro-circulation of blood
    • reduces arterial pressure
    • reduces cholesterol level in the blood
    • Shows anti-inflammation and anti-allergic effect
  2. Effective during balneo-therapy:
    • reduces oedema, pain syndrome, improves lymphatic drainage function and micro-circulation for vein diseases in lower limbs
    • reduces allergic reactions, inflammation processes and dermatites
  3. Favourably influences skin:
    • improves skin resilience, helps towards anti-wrinkling for small wrinkles
    • improves blood flow, decreases intensity of telangiectasia (vascular spiders)
    • improves skin humidity
  4. Contributes towards preservation of youth and slimness:
    • has strong antidioxant properties
    • increases tolerance to physical load
    • helps to reduce body mass
  5. Reduces expressiveness of alcohol withdrawal syndrome
    • helps to eliminate toxins from the body and reduce toxic influence of spirit on the tissues and organs of human body
    • reduces oedema
    • reduces vessel constriction (reduction of probability for development of hypertensive emergency, cardiac dysrhythmia and heart hurry)
  6. Is notable for: antioxygenic properties (suppresses oxidation of lipids) and bacteriological effect: suppresses growth of Bacillus cereus and golden staphylococci, mildly suppresses growth of coliform bacterium.