Organic iodine compound, iodine content — 7-10%.

Yodkazeine  a source of organic iodine

Iodine  essential micro-element which as a part of thyroid hormones ensures normal functioning of the entire body.

Consequences of iodine deficiency in the body:

Technical specifications

Yodkazein is notable for high thermal stability, stable iodine content and low ratio needed to be added to products

  1. Dissolves in water (at 45-55 ° with addition of edible soda) or milk (at 50-60 ). Addition of soda is not required for „Yodkazein extra”.
  2. Thermally stable: resistant to freezing and heating over 200 .
  3. Easy method of adding to food products: no additional equipment needed, the food production technology doesn’t need to be changed.
  4. Stable iodine content during the entire shelf-life of enriched product.
  5. Doesnt change organoleptic properties of enriched product (colour, taste, smell).
  6. Guaranteed prescribed iodine content in the end food products. Small quantity to be added to products: 2-10 g for a ton of ready product.

Biological features of Yodkazein

Yodkazein is recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for diseases related to iodine deficiency as a mean of population, group and individual prevention of iodine insufficiency (R  2.3 .7.1916-04). Safety and effectiveness of Yodkazein has been proved by various pre-clinical and clinical tests.

  1. It is impossible to overdose iodine. Iodine in Yodkazein is tightly covalently bound with such amino acids as tyrosine and histidine (amino acids contained in the milk protein). Prior to arrival to the thyroid a hydrolysis of iodine to amino acids in the digestive tract takes place, with subsequent release of iodine in the liver of an amino acid (tyrosine). Extra iodine leaves the body through physiological methods.
  2. It is an effective substance for iodine insufficiency prevention: normalizes iodine balance in the body, preserves it at the optimum level during the entire time of drug administration.
  3. Favourably influences the size and functional condition of thyroid.
  4. Improves physical development of children: increases reserve abilities of muscle and cardiovascular systems, improves an indicator level of physical health.
  5. Improves indicators of psychological status, intelligence and working abilities of children and adults: increases capacity and quality of attention, coefficient of switching over and concentration of attention; improves acoustic and visual memory.
  6. Decreases negative impact of unfavourable environmental conditions on thyroid.
  7. Doesnt cause any side effects and allergic reactions.